This rare purple orchid is from the remote Blanco River in the Peruvian Rainforest. This essence helps one develop their natural intuition by opening psychic centers. This flower essence is very beneficial for dowsing and remote viewing. This essence can also help one communicate with higher beings, angels and Ascended Masters

In business this essence helps one make better financial decisions. This is very useful for people who do technical analysis for analysis of the stock market.

On a spiritual level this flower essence removes the veils of consciousness that blind us from our natural psychic abilities. This energy helps one choose the best spiritual path. This essence is very useful for deep spiritual meditation.

Some healers report benefit with liver disease and in balancing female hormonal cycles. This essence complements Tahitian Noni Juice in stimulating the pineal gland.

This essence balances and harmonizes Chackra 3 and 5.
TCM meridians Ren, Small Intestine, Gallbladder Use 4 times daily for 4 weeks. This can be combined with other orchid remedies.

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