This rare wild Peruvian flower essence was found in the remote areas of the Tahuayo river during the rainy season. This essence helps on develop compassion for you and others. This essence helps dissolve energies that block us from having an exciting life and financial abundance. Dissolve need to self sabotage your success.

Abundance is our natural state, but often people have conflicting issues about abundance. This natural flower essence helps one heal these conflicting negative energies of guilt that prevent people from enjoying this natural state of abundance.

This flower essence is useful muse for musicians of classical and new age music. This essence helps on develop intuition and dowsing skill.

On a spiritual level this essence helps open ones heart to the abundance of the universe and helps become more attuned to angelic energies. This essence is often taken before meditating. This essence helps balance and harmonize Chackras 4 , 7
TCM meridians: heart, kidney, Du

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