This Amazon Vitality and Achieving Flower Essence was made from golden flowers found in the Amazon Rainforest in the river Tahuayo.

This energy helps one regain the vitality and energy needed to have a full life. This essence is useful for dissolving sadness and grief both active and suppressed. This essence is especially useful for dissolving feelings of not being worthy of love and abundance. This essence is useful for people that are under achievers because they don?t have the energy to excel.

Helps teach patience, and timing personally and with life goals, helps people get along better, aura cleanser

This flower essence helps one dissolve the negative energies that we tend to accumulate in our hectic modern life that rob one of the energy and vitality that you deserve. This essence helps strengthen and balance Chackra 4, Chackra 5, and Chackra 7 Chinese Meridian – Lung, Spleen.

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