This small yellow green orchid is from the River Tahuayo in the remote Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. This very powerful flower essence helps one dissolve deep negative energies from the past and present. This vibrational energy helps restore the aura to health and vitality by dissolving negative energies that you have not allowed yourself to let go.

This flower essence is excellent for use in therapy and past life regression. The essence of this energy is forgiveness for yourself and others. Often forgiveness is a necessary energy to dissolve negative energies that we carry.

On a mental level this energy helps improve memory. On a physical level this essence has helped with headaches. Some healers report a benefit in balancing the bodies hormonal system at the hypothalamus. Some report a benefit with kidney and skin disease. This essence balances and harmonizes Chackras 3, 4 and 7
TCM meridians: Ren, Lung, Spleen

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