Amazon Male Power Essence


This flower essence helps men regain lost power and potential and can be quite powerful and can be reactive remedy.

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This flower essence was found deep in the Amazon Rainforest on the Charo Lake during the rainy season. This essence helps men reach their full potential both in love and business. Floating through the water clumps of Paspalum grass flowers grace the early morning greeting the sun.

This flower essence helps men regain lost power and potential, and can be a reactive remedy to increase his libido and energy. Reactive remedies release negative emotions locked deep in the mind, emotions that cause illness and drain ones energy. So don?t be surprised if you release these toxic emotions when starting this remedy.

This flower essence dissolves sadness and buffers men from the negative emotional energies of women. This essence works like the flower essence Yarrow, but for men issues.

This essence helps men become more confident in their power which attracts women. This remedy also helps men attract financial abundance (which also attracts women).

On a physical level this essence has been reported to dissolve energies helping men with impotence, prostrate disease and helps balance the endocrine system. Some of our users call this the “Viagra flower essence” Use 5 times daily for 3 weeks.

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