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This flower essence deals with fears; the type of fears this essence deals with is fear of loss.

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The Fear of Loss Flower essence was made from the Peruvian Purple Comb Flower. This essence deals with fears. The type of fears this essence deals with is fear of loss. Loss of health, loss of relationships, loss of business, loss of portfolio. This flower essence also helps with fear of storms.

Fear attracts that which we fear to us. By dissolving energies of fear we shift our vibrational magnetism and allow new possibilities. In relationships fear of losing our partner causes us to behave in a level of distrust which ultimately causes the relationship to fail. In business fear of failure can block our ability to see opportunity and to take the risks that are essential of business success.

On a physical level this essence has an effect on peripheral nerves that is similar to the homeopathic remedy hypericum. Some people report improvement with strokes and infertility in women. This essence helps balance and harmonize Chakra 7
TCM meridians: kidney, urinary bladder, Ren

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