This is another combination essence from flowers from a shaman’s hut in the Buena Vista Village of the Peruvian amazon rainforest. The Amazon Business Success Flower Essence helps one become a powerful magnet to attract new customers, clients, money and general abundance.

This flower essence helps one radiate energy from the heart chakra that energizes a business with fun loving energy which attracts people to your sphere of influence.

This essence is excellent for people in business that are interested in attracting more clients and customers. Some businesses mist this essence in their reception areas by putting a few drops in a mist bottle and misting the entrance to the business.

This flower essence is excellent when using the Swish Pattern from NLP to create good mental images for a business or client relationship. This essence is also useful with creative visualization for business and financial success. This essence helps balance and harmonize Chackra 2 and 4
TCM meridians: Gallbladder

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