This rain flower essence was made from a small white flower on the edge of the jungle on the Blanco River and is useful for people lost in the endless choices of modern life.

The decision essence helps one become more intuitive and decisive. This essence helps dissolve indecision and confusion that can paralyze us. By developing more intuitive intuition decision-making we can be more effective in getting to where we want to be. Decisions in relationships, financial decisions and our path in spiritual growth rapid changes can have a profound effect on our life.

This flower essence stimulates intuitive centers in the 3rd eye to help us learn to our inborn intuition when making decisions.

In business this essence helps CEO and strategic planners make better decisions the guide their business through the minefields of the competitive marketplace. For stockbrokers this essence is useful in developing the ability become more decisive and intuitive about investment choices.

Some people report improvement in retinal diseases after taking this essenceThis essence helps strengthen and balance Chakra 3, Chakra 6 Chinese Meridians : Gallbladder, Small Intestine.

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