Amazon Attraction Essence


This flower essence helps one attract friends and abundance.

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The Amazon Attraction flower essence is a combination of the Amazon Morning Glory and Passion Fruit Flower found on the Tahuayo River in the remote Peruvian Rainforest. This essence dissolves depression and feelings of guilt.

This flower essence helps one attract friends and abundance. In Business this essence helps attract clients and customers to a business and can be used as a spray or in Feng shui. In-addition, the Peruvian Amazon natural flower essence is beneficial in developing dowsing and intuition.

On a physical level this essence compliments the homeopathic remedy – Hypericum in healing spinal chord and peripheral nerve imbalances. This essence can also benefit the liver. TCM Meridian: Heart, Liver

Additional Details:

In Peruvian Rainforest made April 2000: Made During a thunderstorm

Chakra : 5

Attraction /  Relationship essence

  • Emotions: to bring  joy into one’s life and find lost heart purpose. Helps attract love and ability to recognize soul partner. Resolve relationship issues and helps improve current relationship
  • Psychic:  Repairs Aura. Develop energies of attraction
  • Business / Professional Life: Helps develop relationship/ people skills


  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Birds – Helps feather picking – relationship with owners



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