Variegated Ginger Essence


This unusual flower essence helps one deal with issues of separation

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This unusual flower essence helps one deal with issues of separation and helps address and dissolve negative energies that you have carried from the trauma of birth and separation from your mother. This essence is useful for dealing with issues of being separated from ones you love, homesickness, and with divorce.

This rain flower essence is also a powerful grief essence and is included in our grief essence combination. On a spiritual level this essence helps one realize that loss is only an illusion of our linear time perspective. This linear time perspective is part of being incarnated on the physical plane; time is not linear on higher planes. This essence helps one develop a new perspective and understanding of our true non-linear divine essence. This understanding dissolves feelings of loss. Some people report that this essence reduced symptoms from Autoimmune diseases such as Lupus and Asthma with this essence.




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