New Guinea Impatiens


This is a powerful detox essence that deals with damage to your aura from electronics and emf fields. This essence also helps clear energy we accumulate from everyday stress. This is a grounding essence. On a spiritual level this essence is a very powerful aura cleaner of any demonic, discarnate, etheric viruses and in general any negative influences caused by dark entities. This essence also helps clear any negative energy that we create by negative thinking (which attracts negative entities).

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New Guinea Impatiens flower essence brings patience, serenity, centering when faced with bureaucratic, interpersonal, traffic or situational annoyances.

Be gentle with the self and conditions within which one finds oneself; helpful to endure apparently unbearable psychological “climate changes.” This flower essence allows one to set an intention and follow through, see the point in enduring superficially intolerable situations.

Useful during “long hauls,” where one needs assistance keeping on track with one’s vision.
For those in educational or career situations marking time in anticipation of far-off reward (graduation, promotion, etc.), this flower essence refines the intention for remaining and assists problem-solving to make conditions more endurable. Annoyances are more easily endured, as well as drought regarding vital human connection and mutual understanding.




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