This combination of flower and gem essences helps you dissolve energies and patterns that block you from communicating with new people. Shyness often comes from lack of self esteem.

Sometimes we remember all of the times we put our foot in our mouth and not the times that you were eloquent. This limited remembering can create patterns of incompetence rather than patterns of elegance. This inadequacy pattern can be triggered each time we try to talk to someone new deepening the groove and creating a never ending pattern.

Some people try to break this pattern by drinking lots of alcohol or taking drugs to muster the courage to seek out new relationships. This works to break the pattern, but only creates new problems. A better approach is to realize your inherent magnificence and let that shine through to others that you meet. Flower essences can help you.

If you feel nervous and unconfident when talking to new people use this essence for at least one lunar cycle.

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