Start with this detox flower essence combination to begin your path toward health. This combination of essences is designed to gently remove surface toxins from your physical and etheric body. This essence can be combined with herbal and colonic detox programs.

Flower essence detox is very gentle; however, when mixed with herbal detox programs, you may accelerate the removal of toxins from your physical and etheric body. If your body is loaded with toxins, you may feel tired or even have mild flu like symptoms when detoxing. Some people get temporary skin rashes as their body detoxes through the skin.

This is totally normal and evidence that you are having an effective detox. It is very important to drink plenty of water – at least 8 to 10 glasses of pure water. Take it easy and slow down your detox program if you are uncomfortable.

This is an excellent essence for all people living in industrialized countries and is especially useful for when you have just finished taking a lot of medications, gone through chemo, or radiation therapy. This essence is also very useful for people that want to remove toxic energies that are blocking your natural higher mental facilities such as intuition. Use this flower essence combination for 1 month. Usually 3 times daily.

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