After you get past the shock of divorce you often feel anger. Anger that can stay deep inside and shape the rest of your life not the least of which will cause illness. If not processed and released this anger can color or destroy every new relationship. If children are involved this anger can be especially damaging. Children are usually scared and confused when faced with divorce, demonstrating anger toward your ex- spouse near them puts gasoline on the flames of their fears.

It is important to dissolve and release this anger. This combination of flower essences helps you gracefully dissolve this anger. This flower essence combination can be a reactive remedy so you may feel waves of anger when taking this essence. Running, kickboxing, and other physical activity is a much more elegant way to release this energy than – say putting your fist through the wall, spiteful behavior or yelling at the kids – so get ready to exercise and dissolve the anger and get back to joy. Doors close and doors open enjoy, this is life.

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