Being in the Now & Kundalini Orchid Essence

Being in the Now & Kundalini Orchid Essence

The Being in the Now & Kundalini Orchid Flower essence helps you get back to the here and now.


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Do you ever feel that you are so rushed with thinking about the future or the past that you find your not enjoying the present? This natural healing flower essence helps you get back to the here and now. When you are here in the now you are in your full power, essential for business, relationships and for spiritual growth. This is a centering essence.

The Kundalini Orchid Flower Essence was found in a small stream near the Blanco River in a remote area of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest.

This wild orchid essence also helps balance and release Kundalini energies and is very useful for practitioners of Kundalini or Hatha yoga. This essence also helps one be aware of their natural telepathic ability with other people and animals.

This essence is excellent for helping one find their energy. Many people with illnesses such as Epstien barr and mononucleosis find benefit from this essence. This essence helps balance and harmonize Chakras 1 and 3.
TCM Meridian – spleen, kidney, stomach, Du

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Becoming Centered in the Here and Now Orchid, Kundalini Power Orchid

Chakra 1,3

  • Physical – Helps lower back
  • Increase energy
  • Assists Hatha Yoga
  • Helps heal from epstein bar / mono illnesses
  • Mental –  Helps telepathy between people and animals
  • Spiritual –  Helps one become aware of the oneness of the universe

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