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Florida Sunshine Essences
Tibouchina Essence

This flower essence is from the beautiful Tibouchina tree. This essence deals with issues about anxiety about one's health, appearance and with overindulgence in self-pity. This essence is especially useful for women that feel uncomfortable about their bodies and unable to reach sexual orgasm. This essence helps you dissolve imbalances in self-concern. On a spiritual level this essence helps you feel the presence of God ( or cosmic conciousness) in a very kinesthetic way. This essence helps you become aware of your divine self or the God within as well as the God in others. This essence lets you feel the greeting Namaste.
Variegated Ginger Essence

This flower unusual flower helps one deal with issues of separation. This essence helps address and dissolve negative energies that you have carried from the trauma of birth and separation from your mother. This essence is useful for dealing with issues of being separated from ones you love, homesickness, and with divorce. This is also a powerful grief essence and is included in our grief essence combination. On a spiritual level this essence helps one realize that loss is only an illusion of our linear time perspective. This linear time perspective is part of being incarnated on the physical plane; time is not linear on higher planes. This essence helps one develop a new perspective and understanding of our true non-linear divine essence. This understanding dissolves feelings of loss. Some people report that this essence reduced symptoms from Autoimmune diseases such as Lupus and Asthma with this essence.
Pink Dwarf Oleander Essence

This powerful essence helps you dissolve negative energies of abuse and heart pain. This essence also helps you dissolve energies of emotional pain from relationships, including inner child and past life heartaches. Another beneficial effect from this essence is in helping students improve English writing and reading by dissolving language mental blocks. In business this essence helps one interact and manage people from the heart rather than intellectually. This type of management improves employee attitudes and loyalty.
Red Bougainvillea Essence

This essence was collected from the beach in Florida and contains energy of the sea and flower. This essence deals with issues of anger and frustration toward oneself. This essence helps one learn to be more accepting of oneself and be more loving toward your self. This essence helps reduce negative self-talk. For students this essence helps reduce frustration at ones grades. On a spiritual level this essence helps activate Kundalini energies and is useful for practitioners of yoga.
White Florida Balance Flower Essence

This essence helps one maintain emotional balance and stay centered in our crazy fast paced modern life. This essence is very useful for people that have hectic lifestyles – who doesn't. Being centered is essential to maintaining one's power and balance in life. Without balance it is challenging to respond to life's bumps with a loving response.
White Florida Vine Flower Essence

This flower essence is very useful for detox from chemical energies from our modern life. This essence helps you get back in touch with the fun inner child within. This is great for when your are so bogged down in adult life that your life has lost it's "color" and everything has gone "grey." Some people think this essence has leprechaun energy in it, but we don't believe in that silly stuff. This essence helps you communicate with plants and trees and helps you become better at manifesting (maybe there is some leprechaun magic in this essence).
Purple Bougainvillea Essence

This beautiful flower essence was made from flowers that grow right on the beach. This essence is useful for helping with degenerative disease of old age and is used in our Feeling Old Health Essence. This essence helps deal with fears of city life, cars, muggings and fear of bodily harm. Mentally this essence helps improve intuition and clairvoyance.
White Hibiscus Anderson Crepe Essence

This essence is a powerful clearing essence of white light. This essence is very useful for clearing energies from abusive relationships either mental or physical. This essence helps clear negative thoughtforms. On a spiritual level this essence helps clear all demonic type energies. This essence helps one communicate with your divine self, angels, ascended masters and with God. This essence is especially connected with the Great White Brotherhood, and provides a portal to this group. Meditating with this essence helps one connect with their divine spark. This essence helps one with astral travel and meditating.
Yucca Plant Essence

This is a powerful detox essence. This essence helps you detox toxins your liver from toxins in the environment. On an emotional level this essence helps you deal with issues of cleansing and separating from religious cults, cults, religious or cultural hatred. We need to get this essence to be used in many parts of the world right now. This essence helps you break away from dominant people and cults that trap ones soul in isolation and hatred. This essence also helps you develop the inner strength and conviction to break away from abusive relationships. Cults and abusive relationships only have power over people of low self-esteem. This beautiful flower helps one learn to look inside to the divine self for guidance and helps one develop confidence in oneself. This essence helps you hear your inner voice more clearly.
Maui Ixora Essence

This Florida flower helps one get centered in this hectic paced world. This is a centering and grounding essence. Ixora helps one slow down an overactive mind and get calm. This essence helps protect ones aura from computer energies and electrical emf. Some people report benefit with hyperthyroidism with this flower essence Good with Yarrow and Special Yarrow.

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