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  • Memory Booster Essence

    Memory Booster Essence

    We all have perfect memory. It’s the memory recall that gives us all the problems. This combination of essences helps you dissolve those energy blocks that prevent you from having a great memory. Take this essence before studying and at nighttime to assist your subconscious in organizing all that knowledge.

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     Amazon Calm Focus Flower Essence

    Amazon Calm Focus Flower Essence

    This essence was made from water plant flowers in Lake Tabano in a remote area of the Peruvian Amazon. The energy of this essence helps one reach a state of calmness and angelic patience. This essence has a profound effect on the ability to focus. It is an excellent essence for children who are giddy, hyperactive and unable to reach a state of being calm and focused. Some parents report a more dramatic effect on children than using drugs such as Ritalan. Children that are unfocused and hyperactive enter into a calm focused state, which facilitates learning and social interaction. This essence is useful when healing from fractures. For homeopathic physicians this essence seems to have many features of symphytum. This essence is also useful for meditating. Especially for people that have hectic stressful lives (who doesn?t) to reach a state of calmness to start meditating. TCM meridians : Ren, Spleen, Heart.

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  •  Deeper Bond Combination Essence

    Deeper Bond Combination Essence

    This combination of flower and gem essences helps you develop a deeper bond with your current lover. This essence is especially usefull for when you need to dissolve old energies and patterns that hold you back from comitting to a relationship. We recommend taking this essence for at least one month. If both you and your lover take this essence at the same time an even more powerful bond can be developed.

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Pure vibrational flower energy from the pristine Amazon Rainforest to other sacred energy sites around the planet. We have traveled from sacred Mount Shasta to deep in the most remote areas of the Amazon rainforest to provide you with some of nature’s most powerful flower essences.

Flower essences are made from the energy vibrations of flowers. (more info)

Our essences are made from pure energy from mother nature combined with a unique energy water and stablizedRainflower Essence, Pure vibrational flower energy with a small amount of brandy. The water used for Rainflower Essences is preparedwith energy, wisdom and intention using crystal and alchemy bowls made by Crystal Tones, Biogenesis Energy Tools, Adamantine and Reiki. From business, relationship and school issues to personal and spiritual growth , meditation and yoga we have combination essences that you can use to transform your life and help you reach your personal power, success and harmony.

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